3 Things I Learned Last Week 7.19.15

This week: Small Clean Tech Innovators: There May Be Voucher Dollars Waiting for You; How Well Do Wearables Work?; The Next Generation of Talking Cars

Small Clean Tech Innovators Target of DOE Initiative
The Department of Energy has announced a federal $20 million initiative aimed at small businesses developing  clean energy tech for advanced manufacturing, buildings, vehicles, wind, water, bioenergy, fuel cells, geothermal and solar. The program is part of an effort to grow the clean energy sector. Read more . . .

Are Fitbits Keeping Us Fit?
One in 5 Americans owns a wearable device. Are they really accurate though — and are they keeping us fit ? Read more . . .

A Car That Talks Back?
It may not be that far off. A new voice interface may soon make it possible for drivers to have a “dialog” with your car. Could be a help to some, but as someone who’s not a “morning” person, the last thing I want to do on my way to work is talk to the dashboard. Read more . . .

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 7.12.15

This week: Browser tips and tricks; how much $1 is worth in each state; showing your favorite friends on your Facebook feed

Tabs, Pins and Zooms
Do you know how to “pin” tabs, or browse privately? Learn several browser tips and tricks that can help you stay organized and secure.

Is $1 Always Worth 100 Cents?
Not really. In some states it’s worth more; in others, it’s worth far less. Find out where your state ranks.

Facebook Gives You Option to See More Posts From Your Favorite Friends
You can now customize your newsfeed on Facebook to show posts from your favorite friends on top, before any other posts appear in your stream. You can also more easily discover pages you may want to like and personalize your newsfeed in other ways.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 7.5.15

This week: New app helps employers connect with job seekers; iPad users may get new keyboard experience; why your bubble won’t burst

New App Designed to Ease Job Search
A new job search app called Switch is being dubbed the “Tinder” for jobs. Basically, the way it works is that job seekers swipe on the listed jobs they are interested in, share resumes, and then wait to get matched. Users can connect with and chat with hiring managers. Users also can decide who they share their profile with, or they can remain anonymous. Find out how business owners and HR professionals can use Switch for recruiting.

iPad Pro Users May Get New Keyboard Experience
One of the downsides of using an iPad can be the keyboard experience. Most users either can’t or don’t want to type for long periods using the iPad’s onscreen keyboard. That means that serious keyboarders need to tote around a separate keyboard device. iPad users had been hopeful the upcoming release of the iPad Pro would include a physical keyboard similar to Microsoft’s Surface. The latest rumor is that iPad Pro will incorporate a new touch technology on its current keyboard to simulate a physical keyboard experience. Read more details about the Force Touch pressure-sensitive technology that may be coming to the iPad Pro.

Bubble Wrap Is Bursting Some Bubbles
One of the best things about receiving something in the mail swaddled in Bubble Wrap is popping the bubbles. Well, the final bubble may have been burst with Sealed Air’s introduction of iBubble Wrap, a new version of Bubble Wrap that is lighter and does not pop. What does this mean for your packaging needs?

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 6.28.15

This week: FTC updates guidelines for marketers; I didn’t mean to Send that yet!; From the cell block to the C-Suite

Are Crackdowns Coming for Marketers?
The Federal Trade Commission is starting to pay more attention to social media marketing activities. The agency recently updated its guidelines for marketers, and social media issues got a lot of attention. Read more details and access the FTC’s new FAQs here.

Gmail Rolls Out Undo Send Feature
How many times have you watched your email disappear from your screen and wanted to bring it back because you hit Send too fast? If you’re email system is Gmail-based, you now have that option. Google introduced the Undo Send feature to all Gmail users in June. Previously, it was available only through Labs. Find out how to activate Undo Send.

Owner Uses Entrepreneurial Lessons to Survive Prison
Andrew Medal used his entrepreneurial experience to get through his incarceration and become a successful business owner after release. Find out how to use his lessons to get through obstacles and other challenging situations.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 6.21.15

This week: Fun Twitter Stats, the Night Sky, “Siri” for the Home

Twitter: By the Numbers
Have you ever wondered how many people with Twitter accounts are actually active? 302 million monthly – as of April 2015

Want to know the average number of followers for a Twitter account? 208

How many signed up but never sent a Tweet? 550 million

Have fun with more Twitter stats here.

Where Have All the Stars Gone?

In 1994, the Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles knocked out power, allowing many Angelenos to see the Milky Way for the first time. In fact, an estimated 80 percent of the Earth’s population has never seen the Milky Way. Find out about a new photography project designed to introduce the night sky to urban dwellers.

“Siri” for Your House?

Amazon’s Echo, which some have dubbed a household “Siri,” is now available for $180. The voice-activated speaker will respond to questions and demands to provide things like the weather report, play music and create to-do lists. Find out more about this smart home hub.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 6.14.15

This week: An app that helps you form habits; $125 million fund for women and minority startup founders; Twitter changes coming

Want an electronic accountability partner? A new app called Streaks helps you see how many consecutive days you’ve performed an action. When you break the streak, the app starts tracking all over again. The idea behind the app is that the visual of unbroken days helps users continue to perform the action until it becomes a habit.

Intel Capital Forms Fund for Startups Led By Women and Minorities
Last week Intel announced that Intel Capital, its venture capital arm, had formed a fund of approximately $125 million to invest in startups led by women and minorities. Lisa Lambert will lead the fund initiative. Read more details about the fund, how to be considered and the four companies that have already received investment.

Changes Coming to Twitter in July
Beginning in July, Twitter will expand the character count for Direct Messages to 10,000. Find out about this change and others.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 6.7.15

This week: Female 1960’s programmer who saved Apollo 11, Pinterest Pins for Sale, Startup Activity Takes Upward Bounce

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Credit Goes to Margaret Hamilton
Few people know that the team that wrote the moon landing software was headed up by a female coder named Margaret Hamilton. In fact, because many of the workers were women, the core rope memory used in the software became known by engineers as “LOL memory.” LOL stood for “little old lady.” Read more about Margaret Hamilton and her team’s contributions to the Space Age.

Purchase Pinterest Pins
Say that fast three times in a row! Pinterest has introduced a new feature that lets users purchase products pinned to the site. Find out more.

The State of Startups
According to a recent Kauffman Foundation report, most states are seeing an uptick in startup activity. How are Missouri and Kansas faring?

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