If 99.9% Were Good Enough . . .

Any successful business owner will tell you that the devil is in the details. The next time you feel yourself “settling” or compromising . . . on quality, on customer service, on whatever it may be . . . stop and remember this:

If 99.9% were good enough . . .

  • Every day 12 newborn babies would be sent home with the wrong parents.
  • 18,322 pieces of mail would be mishandled every hour.
  • 315 words would be misspelled in Webster’s Dictionary.
  • 691 patients a month would die from surgical mistakes.
  • 20,000 drug prescriptions a year would be filled incorrectly.
  • Every other day an airliner would crash someplace in the world.

Perfectionism can stall progress, but details do matter. Be precise, not perfect.


About Smart Companies Thinking Bigger®

Kelly Scanlon is the owner and publisher of Thinking Bigger Business Media. She recently finished a term on the national board of directors of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and was the national chair from 2010-2011. An advocate for small business owners, Kelly sits on numerous boards and committees to advocate on behalf of small business owners. She has won several awards for her advocacy. Among them are the 2011 United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award on behalf of Kansas City area small business owners, the U.S. Small Business Administration's Region VII Women's Business Champion of the Year in 2009, and the Women in Business Advocate of the Year from the State of Kansas in 2006. In 2002, she won the SBA's Region VII Small Business Journalist of the Year Award (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas). Whatever your business stage—aspiring, startup, established, mature—Thinking Bigger Business Media has the resources you need to grow to the next level. We are a resource organization dedicated to providing the strategic, "how-to" information small business owners need to become more productive and more profitable. We also provide information that helps owners connect with resources within the business community that can help them grow. We deliver that information through a variety of media products and other channels easily accessible to business owners.
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