Two People Who Can Help You Put Technology to Work for Your Company

Kansas City business owners have a great opportunity to learn how to put technology to work for their businesses in the coming weeks. But before we discuss that, let’s talk a little about technology—and what it means for you and your business.

David Smith, a futurist at a tech conference hosted by McGladrey that I attended last week, challenged the audience to define technology. Many in the room gestured towards their iPads, pointed at the projector or referenced an object in their attempt to offer a definition. Asserting that technology is not a “thing,” Smith asked us to think about technology from a different perspective: technology as a way to apply knowledge to reach a desired objective.

Remembering that today as I worked on two speaker programs Thinking Bigger Business Media is offering the business community next week, I smiled. Learning how to make technology work for your business – isn’t that what every business these days needs to know? For the business owners that we come into contact with, our readers, our advertisers, our clients–that’s certainly the case.

What dawned on me was that the very core of both speakers’ presentations next week will be focused on technology and crafted to teach the audience how to maximize it for their businesses—no matter what they might be.

While many of us probably think that as long we have safeguards in place to keep the office computers from crashing and if we know how to use email, our “technology” is working for us.

But if business owners would think bigger and embrace the broader definition of technology, the one that looks at technology as a way to apply knowledge to reach a desired objective, then the possibilities for growing our businesses using technology and profiting from it could potentially soar.

How Used Technology


Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman, probably best known as the cofounder and CEO of, is our speaker on Wednesday, April 18. Hoffman became a millionaire at 29 when he sold the tech company he founded to modernize the travel industry to American Express. Then he helped launch, one of the world’s most successful companies.

Hoffman and his team at Priceline figured out that technology isn’t just the Internet – it was leveraging their knowledge of the Internet to bring great travel deals to customers. The rest is history. And Jeff is busy now helping other entrepreneurs do the same thing. As the founder of ColorJar, a venture accelerator firm that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners launch and grow new business ventures, Jeff works as a virtual CEO with companies all over the world to help turn great ideas into profitable businesses. When he’s in Kansas City next Wednesday, Jeff will be talking to business owners in the audience about “Growing Your Business in Today’s Changing World.” You can bet that Jeff won’t be talking about buying more robust hard drives to keep up with the pace of technological change.

What’s Thumbonomics and Why Does It Matter?


Heather Lutze

Good question! And I’m glad you asked. Heather Lutze is an online marketing consultant who travels internationally with Tony Robbins, has appeared on Oprah, and spent several years training advertisers in paid search techniques for Yahoo! Search Marketing. Heather is the author of Thumbonomics: The Essential Business Roadmap for Social Media & Mobile Marketing and she’s speaking at our session on Friday, April 20th.

Thumbonomics comes from an observation Heather made while sitting in the Denver airport one day. She noticed that there was a lot of “thumb action” going on. And that started her on the path to writing a book about how business owners can tap into that thumb action, join the conversation, talk about their companies, find out how others are talking about them, and leveraging the power of the thumb. Don’t worry, she won’t be talking to you about how to build or operate a smartphone—she’s going to be talking about how to leverage social media and mobile marketing to grow your business.

Technology is a part of everything we do—from a personal or a business standpoint. If you want to know how to put technology to work for your company, we hope you’ll join us. Heather and Jeff will have you thinking about new ways to apply technology and grow your business in the process.

You can register for one or both events at

And while we’re at it, if you’re interested in using a little “technology” to spread the word, then share this blog post or the event registration link through one of your social media channels, and send me a screenshot of the post. You can send it to me via Twitter at @ithinkbigger or post it to our Facebook page . I’ll put you in a pool and draw a name to give away a copy of Thumbonomics—it’s as easy as that. And we hope to see you there.


About Smart Companies Thinking Bigger®

Kelly Scanlon is the owner and publisher of Thinking Bigger Business Media. She recently finished a term on the national board of directors of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and was the national chair from 2010-2011. An advocate for small business owners, Kelly sits on numerous boards and committees to advocate on behalf of small business owners. She has won several awards for her advocacy. Among them are the 2011 United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award on behalf of Kansas City area small business owners, the U.S. Small Business Administration's Region VII Women's Business Champion of the Year in 2009, and the Women in Business Advocate of the Year from the State of Kansas in 2006. In 2002, she won the SBA's Region VII Small Business Journalist of the Year Award (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas). Whatever your business stage—aspiring, startup, established, mature—Thinking Bigger Business Media has the resources you need to grow to the next level. We are a resource organization dedicated to providing the strategic, "how-to" information small business owners need to become more productive and more profitable. We also provide information that helps owners connect with resources within the business community that can help them grow. We deliver that information through a variety of media products and other channels easily accessible to business owners.
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  2. Dave says:

    Interesting; what’s the deal with “Klout”? Is it spyware or a real way to rate impact of your social marketing efforts?

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