About Thinking Bigger Business Media

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Whatever the stage of your business—aspiring, startup, established or mature—Thinking Bigger Business Media has the resources you need to grow to the next level.

We are a resource organization dedicated to providing the strategic, “how-to” information small business owners need to become more productive and more profitable. We also provide information that helps owners connect with resources within the business community that can help them grow. We deliver that information through a variety of media products and other channels easily accessible to business owners.

Founding & Ownership
“If you want to start a fire, you’ve got to strike a match.” ~Stew Leonard

Two decades ago, in February 1992, two entrepreneurs, John Holsen and David Byrne, published the first issue of a new business publication. That publication, Kansas City Small Business Monthly, was dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. They placed Stew Leonard’s quote on the front page of that first issue, believing they had just lit a flame that would help light the way for small business owners.

Kelly Scanlon and her team keep that fire burning today. Kelly and two partners purchased the business in August 1997. Within a year, Scanlon bought out her two partners and focused on putting KC Small Business Monthly at the center of Kansas City’s business community. She has grown the business into a multi-media publishing organization committed to providing the knowledge and resources entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses. To reflect the focus on growth-minded business owners who “think bigger,” the name of the magazine was changed in February 2011 to Thinking Bigger Business magazine−Smart Companies Thinking Bigger®.

New Products
To make information as widely available to business owners as possible, and to allow them to choose how—and when—they want to receive the information, Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc. is now using a variety of media to deliver practical strategies for growing businesses, ranging from print to Web to radio to community events.

In addition to publishing the monthly magazine, Scanlon began hosting a daily radio lineup in 2001 that continues to this day as Smart Companies Radio. A weekly e-newsletter was added in 2005, and a variety of events now attract hundreds of local entrepreneurs, including the annual 25 Under 25® Awards (founded in 2001), the quarterly Thinking Bigger Speaker Series (introduced in 2009), and the quarterly BIG Breakfasts (introduced in 2010).

An online Learning Center was introduced in 2010 featuring online courses, webinars, books, e-books, DVDs and other tools designed to aid learning for business owners in key areas.

A flipbook digital version of all the print publications was introduced in January 2011 for readers who prefer to obtain their information online, and the website underwent a complete redesign and relaunch in early 2011.

Our Market
Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc., serves growth-minded small business owners and entrepreneurs who are “thinking bigger.”

Thinking Bigger Business Media and its publisher have won numerous local, state and regional awards for community involvement, small business advocacy and publishing excellence.

Community Involvement
The owner and staff of Thinking Bigger Business Media recognize that in order for businesses to be successful, they must have a successful community in which they can do business. Keeping in mind that the organization’s mission is to help small businesses grow, Thinking Bigger Business Media is committed to creating a successful community in which businesses have access to the information and resources they need to flourish.


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