3 Things I Learned Last Week 9.13.15

This week: Keep your eye on Google contact lenses; don’t doubt your persuasive powers; Facebook at Work

Taking Auto Correct to a New Level
Google and Novartis have collaborated to create a “smart” contact lens that auto corrects vision, and it should be available for human testing in 2016.

You’re More Persuasive Than You Think
At least that’s what a new study is hoping to persuade you to believe. Take a look at the report’s results and find out how you can use them to be more effective at work.

This Facebook Version Isn’t a No-No on the Job
You may be seeing Facebook at Work in your office before the end of the year. The new version, which has been in beta testing with more than 100 companies, lets users create a work Facebook account that is separate from their personal account so they can use Facebook’s tools to communicate with their colleagues. These interactions would be visible only within the company.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 9.6.15

This week: Business competition for women-owned businesses; New data source for businesses; entrepreneurship growing in U.S.

InnovateHER Business Challenge 2016

The SBA piloted the first InnovateHER Business Challenge in 2015. Back for a second year in 2016, the Challenge is a national prize competition designed to discover products and services that impact and empower the lives of women and families. Business competitions are held locally and lead to a through local business competitions and lead to a live pitch Final Round in which up to 10 finalists compete for cash prizes totaling $70,000 provided by Microsoft. Get details . . .  

Census Bureau Launches Web App to Help Businesses Access Data for Growth

An app available through the Census Bureau called The Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition gives small allows business owners access to key demographic and economic data that can help them with research as the open a new business or expand their existing business. Read more . . . 

Entrepreneurship in U.S. Hits New Highs

Babson and Baruch Colleges researchers report that there are 24 million American entrepreneurs, which ranks among the highest level in the developed world. This is the highest rate ever recorded in the United States.  Read more


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3 Things I Learned Last Week 8.30.15

This week: Collisions that create innovation; Labor Board ruling; Wearables on the wane?

From Cels to Cells
Some of the greatest innovations occur when you transfer approaches from one industry to another. And an innovative breakthrough is exactly what occurred when a cell biologist decided to apply a technology used in film making to study the inner working of cells. Read more here . . .

What Does a Recent Landmark Labor Board Case Mean for Business?
The National Labor Relations Board handed down a 3-2 decision last week to redefine the employee-employer relationship, notably expanding the definition of joint employer status. Read more about how the ruling could impact your business.

Are Wearables Washed Up?
Have you tossed your fitness band, smart watch, and other wearables in a drawer and forgotten about them? If you have, you’re not the only one. After experiencing incredible demand in 2014, the market for wearable technology has seen a steady decline since January. Read more . . .

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 8.23.15

A language of whistles; Businesses and Christo Rey; Tax amnesty for Missouri businesses

Whistle While You Work . . . Or Play . . . Or Just Because It’s Convenient
A small town in Turkey with about 1,000 residents uses an ancient whistled language to communicate. Check out this link, which also includes translated audio so you can hear what the whistles mean.

Businesses Can Help Give Students a Leg Up
A private college-prep high school right here in Kansas City is helping urban students with limited opportunities to acquire work skills at the same time they study a traditional academic curriculum. Students at Cristo Rey Kansas City participate in a work-study program that allows them to finance most of the cost of their education, gain career skills, and develop business relationships. Businesses may participate in the program in a variety of ways. For more information, listen to my podcast interview tomorrow with Ted Koppen the director of Cristo Rey Kansas City’s Corporate Work Study Program or visit Christo Rey’s website.

Tax Break for Some Missouri Businesses
The State of Missouri has announced a tax amnesty program starting Sept. 1, 2015. Taxpayers, including businesses, with certain delinquencies can pay the taxes due without incurring penalties and interest. The program ends on Nov. 30, 2015. Visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website for more information about the program.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 8.16.15

This week: Eraser Technology; Where in the World to Work; Startups and Job Creation

Interesting Facts About the Eraser
In the Digital Age, does anyone even use erasers? Have you ever thought about erasers as a technology? Maybe you should. Here are 10 interesting facts about the humble, unassuming eraser . . .

The Top 20 Countries Attracting Professional Workers
Would you consider moving to another country for a job? Some people do. Find out where the United States ranks on this list of Top 20 countries for professionals who have migrated to other countries for a job.

Startups and Job Creation Around the World
A new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) paper reveals the trends among startup job creation in economies around the world. For example, did you know that the first two years of a startup’s activity appear to be the most crucial in determining the future of the firm? In fact, in most countries, startups that survive have a much higher average employment growth rate in their first two years. Find out more about what the report reveals.

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 8.9.15

This Week: Tired of regulations? Learn about the REINS Act of 2015; New BBQ Sauce Hits KC; The umbrella as an innovation

REINS Act Resurrects Congressional Accountability Act
Along with access to capital and affordable health care, burdensome regulations rank near the top of the list of business owners’ concerns. The REINS Act of 2015 would require that Congress approve all big federal agency regulations. This was actually a responsibility Congress once had, until delegating it to officials in nonelected agencies several years ago. Read more . . .

New KC Company Delivers an All-Natural Line of BBQ Sauces
KC Natural has introduced an all-natural line of BBQ sauces for health-conscious barbecue lovers. It is unveiling three new flavors – one of them, called Mastadon, uses a Paleo recipe. Imagine some Mastadon slathered on your side of ribs! Read more . . .

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .
And if it doesn’t, use an umbrella! Sometimes we forget that we’re not the first ones to be “innovators.” Many of the everyday items we take for granted were big innovations for their time. Consider the history of the umbrella . . .

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3 Things I Learned Last Week 8.2.15

This week: Gmail takes a page from Mission Impossible; How B2B companies can get the most out of YouTube; Apple introducing reader-friendly voicemail?

Self-Destructing Messages?
A new Chrome plug-in called Dmail gives senders the ability to control how long their recipient can view the message. This feature is different from the Undo Send feature Gmail released recently, which simply delays the transmission of a message for up to 30 seconds and the sender can Undo it during that time with the recipient never receiving it. Dmail allows senders to actually send the message but give the recipient a selected amount of time to view it before it self-destructs. Read more . . .

How to Make YouTube Work for B2B
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine, ranking behind its parent company Google? If you’re a B2B business, you’re missing out if you aren’t using this tool. Shelly Kramer, owner of V3B Marketing, has written a great article explaining the ins and outs for putting your best business foot forward on YouTube.

Will Apple’s Lastest Update Take the Drudgery Out of Checking Voicemail?
Apple is currently testing a service that uses Siri to transcribe voicemail messages and send you the text. Read more . . .

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